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Resources in Negotiation and Relationship Management


ICfN provides unique and highly skilled professionals in the field of negotiation, and commercial relationship management, to lead, work alongside and supplement your existing resources

ICfN is able to provide resources from an individual highly experienced practitioner for a specific task, to supplying an elite negotation team over a long period 



Organisations are increasingly approaching ICfN in order to:

transfer negotiation and relationship activities to an expert provider

engage a negotiation / relationship management centric and focused provider 

allow the client to focus on their own core purpose and activities

have a agile and flexible 'on demand' external resource that can be 'flexed' depending on your organisation's requirements and priorities 



ICfN can help solve your organisation's resourcing problem by supplying contract skilled staff.

From one individual to a team of elite negotiation experts   

Select the person or persons most appropriate for you need

Flexibility to increase and decrease usage as required by your organisation

Appropriate remuneration packages allied to your organisational requirements