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UK Prime MInister Boris Johnson has commenced his, what he would like to think, is his game changer negotiation strategy of suggesting no is the UK's best alternative to a negotiated agreement and without a negotiated agreement, the UK will be prepared, as a country, to walk away, and walk away they will. 

Equally Boris Johnson is simultaneously vastly focusing on the domestic agenda, something Theresa May struggled to "get round to" (becuase of the pre-occupation with Brexit) in the event of a general election, Johnson can point to that during a campaign, saying that he's something about non-Breixt issues such as the Tories old stomping ground of law 'n order, and even the NHS. 

Meanwhilte the EU, and let's face it, most of the mandarins are not going to let their summer vacations be interupted by such trivial matters as Brexit, sit tight on their sun loungers knowing that PM Johnson has staked his life, or atleast his political career (knowing that he'll always find a newspaper to re-employ him) on the UK leaving the EU on October 31st with or without a deal, let alone a compromise.