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ICfN brings a world of knowledge to your organisation, and combines this to create effective negotiation strategies and detailed planning to maximise outcomes.

ICfN delivers innovative solutions that differentiate negotiations, help build relationships, create sustainable financial and non-financial benefits and improve RoI. 

What we deliver 

ICfN's Advisory and Reseach Services exemplify our in-depth experience and knowledge of how best to negotiate - whether this be how to negotiate a valued commercial contract for goods and services, or a government organisation negotiating a trade or political agreement.

ICfN shall help you improve your understanding of and performance in the:

pre-negotiation phases including pre-qualification of opportunities

negotiation process (may be as part of a procurement exercise),

tenders, RFP processes, eAuctions

key presentations that win business

psychology, tactics and strategies used by the negotiation parties 

How we work 

At ICfN works with organisations completely confidentiality - there are no exceptions to this, and this is the reaon why you don't see client brands advertised on our website.

We listen to you intently. We work with you intimately so that we fully understand your requirements.

Pre-negotiation, ICfN formulates and agrees with you a Negotiation Breakthrough methodology including key objectives and a detailed plan involving ICfN's best practices.

During the negotiation, ICfN provides skilled resources to negotiate on your behalf or work alongside you to help maximise outcomes.

Post-negotiation, ICfN continues to work alongside you to monitor progress and performance towards the realisation of benefits.