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About the ICfN


ICfN was established by it's founder, Richard J. Oldfield, having witnessed and been involved in hundreds of multi-disciplined negotiations as well as client-facing presentations. Richard therefore wanted to help organisations achieve better outcomes, that are profitable, sustainable and achieveable.

Prior to 2005, Richard worked for several renowned global organisations in leadership positions where he led strategic level, complex negotiations in the UK, Europe, Asia and in the U.S.

Since then, ICfN has grown to become the leading advisory organisations on negotiation in the UK, Europe, the US and in Asia. 

Richard Oldfield is also the Chairman, Accordeus Group Ltd and he is in demand as one of the world's leading authorities on negotiation. He is a renowned conference speaker, commentator and negotiation facilitator and mediator. He spends much of his time meeting with business leaders, politicians and negotiation practitioners. 

Richard is also involved with a number of charitiable organisations and other organisations concerning the City of London where he lives, and travels extensively for the ICfN.

Our People - World Class Subject Matter Experts

ICfN is proud to be resourced by senior level practitioners who have the highest level of negotiation expertise and experience in their field. We only employ the best. 

Our employees are known for their negotiation expertise and reputation and their ability to work with a wide range of organisations across multiple sectors, in different geographies, and at different levels within clients. They are also often seasoned business people. Our employees are not just technically the best practitioners, they are also the best at communicating the 'how to' in order to get things done professionally and expediently, developing rapport, and satisfying a number of key stakeholders at the same time. 


Who we work with 

ICfN works with a wide range of diverse organisations in private and public sectors, of different sizes, complexities, and geographies. 

ICfN works with individuals and teams at all levels in an organisations - board level executives, strategic and operational role holders and across a broad range of business functions, including sales, business development, and procurement, as well as other client facing areas.

Unless ICfN's client has made working with ICfN public knoweledge then all our work remains highly confidential, and that is why ICfN does not publish the long list of client examples here.

ICfN and Social Responsibility 

In line with our values, ICfN is proud to support a number of community and charitable organisations, including the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in it's endeavours to conduct vital research into this life threatening condition that severely impacts the lives of children and young adults. 

We also support Unicef where ICfN advocates their incredible work in multiple geographies and in diverse situations where their emergency and other help is called upon.